About Us

Why Optimize Lottie Files?

Lottie files, renowned for their versatility, bring life to web and mobile applications. However, their large file sizes can hinder performance. Optimization becomes essential to address issues like slow load times and suboptimal user experiences.

The DotLottie Alternative

Wondering about dotLottie? Our optimizer outshines it. By utilizing gzip or Brotli compression, our optimized files surpass dotLottie in size reduction. This success is attributed to the efficiency of these compression methods in minimizing standard JSON files.

How Our Lottie Optimizer Works

Our Lottie optimizer employs a robust compression algorithm that reduces file sizes without compromising animation quality. Experience faster load times and enhanced user experiences with every optimized Lottie file.

Safe and Free

Concerned about the safety of our service? Rest assured. Your original files remain untouched on your system. If you're unhappy with the compressed files, feel free to try again. Our free service ensures your peace of mind while delivering optimized animations.

Why Choose Us?

Explore the world of optimized Lottie animations with Lottiemizer.