To use our online Lottie optimizer, simply upload your Lottie file and our optimizer will shrink its size while preserving all of its quality and useful attributes. This will result in faster load times on your website and a much better user experience.

Upload up to 20 files (4.5mb limit per file). Wait for the optimization to finish.

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    Lottie Optimisation

    Lottie files contain animation data exported from applications like Adobe After Effects and are in a JSON data format. Complex animations for online and mobile applications can be made with them. Lottie files are perfect for producing smooth, high-quality animations that load rapidly because they are simple to render in real-time. They are widely used in the industry today.

    Why would you want to optimize Lottie files?

    Large Lottie files may cause a bad user experience and sluggish load times. We can apply a compression approach to minimize the size of Lottie files while maintaining the animation's quality. Better user experiences and quicker load times may arise from this.

    Why not use dotLottie?

    Your Lottie files will be substantially smaller than dotLottie files if you use our optimizer and deliver them using Gzip or Brotli compression. Gzip and Brotli are very efficient in reducing the size of the JSON files and are responsible for this large decrease.

    How does the Lottie optimizer work?

    The Lottie optimizer reduces the file size of Lottie files without sacrificing animation quality by using our compression algorithm. Better user experiences and quicker load times should result from this. Additionally, the reduced file size and DOM nodes allows for smoother playback and improved performance on various platforms.

    Using the Lottie Optimizer

    To begin, start uploading some Lottie files you'd like to optimize. You can upload up to 20 files at once.

    Use the “Upload Files” button and choose your Lottie files.

    Once uploaded, you'll be able to see their real-time progress as our server analyses them.

    When you are satisfied with the compression, use the “DOWNLOAD” button next to each file to download each one.

    Ready to go again? Hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and start again. You can use this tool as many times as needed without cost.

    Is it safe to optimize Lottie files?

    There is no need to be worried about the safety of our free service. Your original files will stay untouched on your system, and are also removed from our system every hour. If you are unhappy with your compressed files, you can simply try again.